Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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This page lists questions, which I get asked of too often.

Why the airplane?

My website and various social media profiles use some sort of plane as a logo. But it isn't any random plane. It is from one of the built-in Windows XP user account pictures. Due to this, and also because they're just plain cool, I use a plane on my profiles.

Why I can't download files/need access?

Some files, which are hosted on Google Drive, need permission from the uploader. One way is to simple ask permission, but it isn't recommended, since I might not immediately give you permission (it might take several days). As an alternative, you can use the link on my channel description, which redirects you to the public Google Drive folder, which contains all of the downloads. You can also use download links hosted on this site or mirror links.

Why is content moving from MarkusTegelane website to here?

Content, which is moving here, was added to the MarkusTegelane website back when I didn't have a website with my own name. However, now, when I have it, I'll slowly start transitioning content here, the website that has my name, which also has a new and cleaner codebase.

Painting (maal) or at the countryside (maal)?

Some people have wondered, what does my last name mean - is it at the countryside (maal) or painting (maal)? The answer is simple, it's obviously painting, because the location isn't in the nominative case and therefore, it cannot be a name.

Why is your YouTube channel called MarkusTegelane?

The channel name first came about from my profile name on Google Play games. The channel name itself consists of 3 important parts. First, there is of course my first name (Markus). The second is tegelane i.e. character. The character represents how I act in my videos, as a certain character. This is also why, I don't really show my face really often in my videos. The third part, which is maybe less obvious, is the fact that there are no spaces in the name. That is a decision made as a tribute to my old slogan "Markus Maal - Connected". I used to show this on my videos with an intro, where Markus Maal was first with a space and then it turned into MakusMaal and below, a text saying "Connected" appeared.

When is the next video coming?

When I think it's the right time to upload a new video. I don't rush new videos, to satisfy algorithms.

What happened to your Markus Maal 14/15 blog?

The blog can still be found, but certain posts are hidden and it's not updated anymore.

Who dropped a dislike?

We have all done it, at least subconciously. So, it could have been any of us.

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