Deleting Twitter/X profile

Starting from next year, I'm going to delete my account on Twitter/X. This means that starting from January 2024, you will not be able to follow what I do using the social network site. Instead, I recommend you follow me through the following methods:

Downloads on the markusmaal.ee website!

Starting from today, you can download stuff I've made from the markusmaal.ee website! For this, just click Downloads button, choose a desired category and the downloadable item. From the download page, you'll find the description, screenshots and download links with checksums!

Big changes coming to my YouTube channels

You may have noticed that I haven't posted any new videos throughout the last couple of months to MarkusTegelane, MarkusTegelane+ and Markus' stuff channels. That is because I haven't had a desire to make any new content to these channels. The motivation has been gone for various reasons, but two more important reasons are lower view counts and the fact that I haven't been satisfied with the quality of the past videos I've posted on my channels.

Due to this, I am planning to make significant changes to all of the three main YouTube chanenls I manage - MarkusTegelane, MarkusTegelane+ and Markus' stuff. After these changes, the quality of the videos should become consistent and thus improve. One change for MarkusTegelane and MarkusTegelane+ may be a large channel name and overall branding change. It's also possible that a huge chunk of the videos, which are currently public, may become unlisted and/or private. I am also planning to delete the entirety of the Markus' stuff channel next year (2024), before this, an announcement in the form a video and community post will be posted.

You may ask - what? why? when?

First, what specific changes I'm going to be making? That part is in the process of being figured out and is classified.

Second, I already answered the "why?" part - because I want to find new motivation for making new content to these channels.

Third, when will I make these changes? The answer is short and concrete - at the latest on January 2024, an earlier time isn't out of the question. For the three main channels, I will NOT POST any new videos before this time, the only exception may be the 10th anniversary video for MarkusTegelane (it's not out of the question that it might become the last MarkusTegelane video ever).

Moving markusmaal.ee to Cloudflare

For various reasons, I have decided to point the nameservers of markusmaal.ee to Cloudflare. For visitors, this might mean that access to the website might be temporarily unavailable.

English language option on the markusmaal.ee website

Now it's possible to switch to English language on markusmaal.ee website, by clicking the flag on the top part of the page. English doesn't currently work on the Markus' stuff page and channel database might have missing translations.

markustegelane.online domain will expire on 11th September

Why I'm doing this?

Last year, I registered markustegelane.online domain due to technical reasons. I registered the cheapest possible domain, so that I could get the website working on my hosting provider, but right now, I have completely upgraded my website to the markustegelane.eu domain, while also markustegelane.tk and markustegelane.online have been parked as secondary domains. markustegelane.tk will stay up, because it's a free domain and required for backwards compatibility with my software (old versions of my blue screen simulator use this domain for software updates for example). markustegelane.online was not really in wide use anywhere anyway, so it was pretty useless anyway, also it's quite expensive to renew, compared to how cheap the first year was.

What does this mean?

It means, that starting from September 11th, it is no longer possible to visit the MarkusTegelane website, by typing markustegelane.online or www.markustegelane.online to the address bar. In addition, no software can communicate with my website through this domain. If the domain experies, it'll become available and can be registered by anyone again for any website or service.

How can I visit the MarkusTegelane website then?

Two domains, that I try to keep running are markusmaal.ee and markustegelane.eu. These domains allow access to the MarkusTegelane website in one way or another. Also, the markustegelane.tk domain will stay up, which lets you visit the website with an insecure connection, but isn't recommended except for situations where that is required.

markustegelane.eu domain fixed

I fixed a critical problem related to the hosting server transfer, where markustegelane.eu domain wasn't working correctly (it threw a 403 error message).

markustegelane.ml domain is down at the moment

Due to ongoing maintenance with the registrar, which the domain uses, the .ml domain is inaccessible and times out, when trying to connect. I have posted more details about the situation on this Twitter thread: https://twitter.com/markustegelane/status/1611778485600636929