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There are already some uploads of the soundtrack for this game, but they're incomplete and missing tracks. This one should include every single background music from Flipnic, which has a corresponding .MID, .BD and .HD file. The images are backgrounds used in certain menu screens.

I was able to record these soundtracks by muting the sound effects, then replacing a music track that was supposed to play with another one using Cheat Engine. Finally, I recorded all of the background music by setting the record source to loopback in Audacity and then exported each recording into a file.

Download: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1KFpF4nAqi68JKX4AmXRx5hiu29KSBjcV?usp=sharing

------------ Biology ------------
0:00 Stage main (Biology) [NATURE_0.MID]
2:17 UFO warning [NATURE_1.MID]
3:44 Multiball [NATURE_2.MID]
4:43 Bonus missions [POSITIVE.MID]
--------- Metallurgy ----------
6:25 Stage main (Metallurgy) [ISEKI_0.MID]
8:55 Spider crab [ISEKI_1.MID]
10:17 Multiball/Shoot down the shafts [ISEKI_2.MID]
------------ Optics --------------
11:37 Stage main (Optics) [HIKARI_0.MID]
13:36 Non-stop area/Bumper village [HIKARI_1.MID]
15:05 Multiball/Loop the loop [HIKARI_2.MID]
---------- Evolution ------------
16:31 Stage main (Evolution) [BOSS_1.MID]
--------- Geometry ------------
18:14 Stage main (Geometry) [LOAD_RETRO_3.MID]
18:59 Chu chu multiball [LOAD_RETRO_4.MID]
19:29 Alien hill [LOAD_RETRO_5.MID]
20:08 Area 74 [LOAD_RETRO_6.MID]
20:51 Galaxy Tennis [LOAD_RETRO_7.MID]
--------- Incidentals ----------
21:46 Red mission [LOAD_0.MID]
21:50 Yellow mission [LOAD_1.MID]
21:56 Geometry mission 0 (unused ver.) [LOAD_RETRO_0.MID]
21:59 Geometry mission 1 [LOAD_RETRO_1.MID]
22:03 Geometry mission 2 [LOAD_RETRO_2.MID]
------- Miscellaneous --------
22:07 Zero gravity [SERIOUS.MID]
23:24 Geometry 2P [RETRO_0.MID]
24:43 Geometry 2P (unused ver.) [RETRO_1.MID]
25:44 Main menu [MENU_1.MID]

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Failinimi: flipnic_ost_full.mp4
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