BuzzRod: Fishing Fantasy [PS2 BGM SF2+MIDI Conversion]

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I converted the background music used in BuzzRod: Fishing Fantasy to SF2 and MIDI formats. Each track is made of 2 parts (with exceptions): the beginning and the loop. For this video, I play the beginning part and then the loop part 10 times, creating extended versions of each track. I also display some of the textures from the game in this video.


0:00 Title screen (TITLE.SQ)
7:21 Options/Load/Save (OPTION.SQ)
16:38 Opening cutscene (OE_01.SQ)
24:01 Replay cutscene (OE_02.SQ)
31:48 Ending credits (OE_03.SQ)
39:18 Unknown (BATTLE.SQ)
53:06 Fish battle (BATTLE1.SQ)
57:25 Congratulations (FANFARE.SQ)
59:51 Congratulations alt. (FANFARE1.SQ)
1:02:19 Fish get/Stage clear (FANFARE2.SQ)
1:04:57 The Lost Ruins (MAP_00.SQ)
1:15:53 The Missing Jungle (MAP_01.SQ)
1:21:01 The Big Tree (MAP_02.SQ)
1:36:26 The Dish Pond (MAP_03.SQ)
1:43:21 The Haunted Cave (MAP_04.SQ)
1:54:47 The Bush River (MAP_05.SQ)
2:04:57 The Pocket Sea (MAP_07.SQ)
2:12:38 The Last Jungle (MAP_08.SQ)

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Failinimi: FishingFantasyOSTrip.mp4
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