Obtaining the Buzz lure in Fishing Fantasy: Buzzrod [Save file modification tutorial]

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In this video, I'm going to walk you through the process of fixing a bug in this game, which normally makes it impossible to finish the game. And the best part - you can do it with your own save!

Python 3: https://www.python.org/downloads/ (in Windows, make sure that "Add to PATH" is checked during installation)
BuzzrodSaveEditor: https://github.com/MarkusMaal/BuzzrodSaveEditor/archive/refs/heads/main.zip (extract to a folder)
A USB flash drive (if the PS2 freezes/errors out while opening/copying to the mass:/ folder, try a different flash drive, USB 2.0 drives are preferred if possible)

w/uLaunchElf entrypoints:
- If you have a completely unmodified PS2 slim console, you can use FreeDVDboot. Full instructions and ISO files here: https://github.com/CTurt/FreeDVDBoot
- If you have a FreeMcBoot memory card or FreeHDboot hard drive, you can navigate to uLaunchElf in the main menu
- If you have a Fortuna exploited memory card, just navigate to browser, go to exploited memory card, back out twice and you should be in uLaunchElf
- If you have a modchipped PS2 or have MechaPwn with force unlock (disable it after modifying the save to be able to load this game), you can burn this copy of wLaunchElf to a CD or DVD: https://gbatemp.net/download/wlaunchelf-v4-43x_isr-iso-elf.37723/version/39334/download?file=337077

To list all saves: python save_editor.py -f [filename] -saves
To list items in a save: python save_editor.py -f [filename] -save[num] -li
To patch a game save: python save_editor.py -f [filename] -p [byte address] -iv 3 -o [patched save filename]

0:00 Describing the bug
0:58 Getting the save out of a memory card
2:38 Patching the save file
4:31 Copying the patched save file back to a memory card
5:30 Testing the modified save

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