Pac-Man Rally (PS2 FMV/BGM Rip)

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Background music and intro movie from Pac-Man Rally (PS2). This is the EU name for this game, everywhere else it's known as "Pac-Man World Rally". Everything you hear and see in the video has been directly extracted and converted from game files.

0:00 Arctic Iceberg (ArticIc.mib)
2:01 Award Ceremony/Artic Iceberg (Award.mib)
3:58 Canyon Crusade (CanyonCr.mib)
5:50 Cloud Garden (CloudGar.mib)
8:04 Toc-Man's Factory (DarkFact.mib)
10:01 Funhouse of Terror (Funhouse.mib)
11:58 Ghost Mansion (GhostMan.mib)
13:58 Intro (Intro.pss)
15:04 Jungle Safari (JungleSa.mib)
17:07 Galactic Outpost a.k.a. Lunar Launch (LunarLau.mib)
19:04 Molten Mountain (MoltenMo.mib)
21:03 Pirate Cove (PirateCo.mib)
22:52 Retro Maze/Menu (RetroMaz.mib)
25:02 Rolling Hills (RollingH.mib)
26:58 Spookys Castle (SpookysC.mib)
29:01 Subterranean Speedway? (Subterra.mib)
31:26 Winding Wetlands (WindingW.mib)
33:22 Menu music? (oldMidi.mib)
35:32 Unknown (songSnip.mib)

Technical info:

Intro movie:
Container .PSS
Format: PS2 Movie Audio Stream
Codec: MPEG-1/2
Resolution: 640x448
Framerate: 29.97 fps
Audio: Uncompressed PCM (freq. 48000 Hz, interleave 200 bytes, 1 audio stream)

Background music (header files)
Container .MIH
0x00 - 0x03 = Length of header
0x04 = Unknown
0x05 - 0x07 = Length of sample file ?
0x08 - 0x0B = Channels (e.g. 1 = mono, 2 = stereo)
0x0C - 0x0F = Audio frequency
0x10 - 0x13 = Interleave
0x14 - 0x17 = Unknown (Buffer size? Loop count?)
0x18 - 0x3F = Empty space

Background music (samples)
Container .MIB
Format: Compressed Sony ADPCM audio
Interleave, frequency, channels = Based on corresponding header file

Avaldati: 02.02.24
Kategooria: Muusika

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