[devUpdate 1] Blue Screen Simulator JS - First reveal


The very first public showcase of Blue Screen Simulator JS, a Javascript blue screen simulator, which uses some Blue Screen Simulator Plus technologies. Please note that this project is still in early development and currently has known bugs. The devUpdate series showcases new features in development for the next version of the software.

Live version (still in beta): https://markusmaal.ee/BSSW
Beta source code (private): https://github.com/MarkusMaal/BlueScreenSimulatorWebsite
My Github: https://github.com/MarkusMaal
My website: https://markustegelane.eu
Main channel: https://www.youtube.com/MarkusTegelane

Avaldati: 07.05.24
Failinimi: bssw_du1.mp4
Kategooria: devUpdate

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